I forgot my administrator password! What can I do now my as my other account is effectively powerless?

I have a second account on my Windows PC (its a touch screen acer thing) but obviously its pretty much useless because I keep requiring the administrator password!
I know the picture password I set, but it wont let me enter the picture password now, only the written one.
Please help šŸ™‚



If its Windows 7, I’d suggest the SetHC hack. You’ll need a Windows 7 Installation DVD.

From first turning on your PC, do the following.
1) Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.
2) Boot from the DVD by either:
a) Setting the boot order in the BIOS/EFI
b) Pressing F8 (or whatever boot override key you have) and selecting the DVD drive.
3) Once booted from the DVD, you should see the Windows 7 Setup Screen. Click “Repair my computer” in the lower left.
4) It’ll search for existing Windows installations. Select your installation and click Next.
5) Click the Command Prompt link at the bottom.
6) Type the following commands:
1. cd c:\windows\system32\
2. ren sethc.exe sethc.old
3. copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
4. exit
7) Remove the DVD and click the Restart button.
8) Wait for it to start, you should be dumped at the login screen.
9) Once at the login screen, click the button in the lower left that looks kinda like a pie, or alternatively, hit shift 5 times. This should open a command prompt window.
10) Type the following commands:
1. net user administrator /active:y
2. net user administrator *
3. exit
11) You should now see an “Administrator” account at the login screen. If not, reboot.
12) Login as “Administrator”
13) Go to Control Panel > User Accounts and change the password for your account.
14) Go to Start > Run (or hit Win Key+R) and type cmd to open a command prompt.
15) Type the following commands:
1. net user administrator /active:n
2. exit
16) Logout
17) Login with your previous account.