Immunet Protect Free 5.0.2.

Immunet Protect
Light, fast and compatible with existing security products
Date added: August, 26th 2016
Author: Sourcefire Inc
File size: / License: 700 KB / Freeware

Immunet free antivirus provides essential anti-virus security for PC customers. Immunet provides additional anti-virus security that is mild, quick and suitable with current security items.

Fast Antivirus: Immunet harnesses the rate of reasoning processing to provide real-time security to your PC.

Light Antivirus: Immunet is up to 35 times less heavy than conventional anti-virus alternatives.

Real-time Antivirus: Immunet provides cloud-based security that is always up-to-date against malware, malware, crawlers, malware, trojan malware, and remote monitoring software without reducing down your PC. No need to obtain any malware trademark files!

Companion Antivirus: Immunet is suitable with current anti-virus items to help secure you better. Add an additional, compact part of security for free.

Community Antivirus: Immunet’s Combined Resistance technology defends all customers the immediate that a malware is recognized on one PC.


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