eScan Internet Security Suite 14.0.1400.1849

eScan Internet Security Suite
Guard your digital identity and secure your online communication!
Date added: January, 21st 2016
Author: MicroWorld Technologies Inc.
File size: / License: 334 MB / Trial

eScan Internet Security Suite is a home security center, designed to protect your PC from all kinds of internet attacks.

Viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers and hacks: all of these PC threats are what eScan Internet Security Suite searches out and alerts you of every time you run a scan. It offers a high level of protection, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Once installed, eScan Internet Security Suite has an easy to understand interface that is clear and simple to navigate. There is a protection section, where the file and mail antivirus tools are located, along with antispam, web protection, firewall tools and more. Unfortunately, the process just to install the program tends to be arduous, requiring a restart and often interacting negatively with any other antivirus or computer scanning programs already on your computer.

eScan Internet Security Suite’s scan section allows you to search your various drives for viruses and other threats. There is also a tool button that includes system information, restore and a button to download a program called “Hotfix.” This is actually a download button that updates eScan Internet Security Suite, if necessary. In fact, it’s actually a little unnecessary, as there is another update button on the interface too.

On our system, we encountered problems with the eScan firewall, which were eventually fixed but an irritation. It appears the eScan firewall software is too strong! Otherwise, eScan Internet Security Suite is a very average security app. It doesn’t do anything not offered by competing apps, and is quite heavy on system resources. For slower computers, eScan Internet Security Suite also has a tendency to freeze up or crash from time to time.

eScan Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive application that will keep your PC clean and safe.

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What’s new in this version:

– Light weight product: Low memory consumption, fast booting time, fast shutdown time and low CPU utilization
– Faster Installation: Highly optimized databases with the product to get install times to less than 1.5 mins
– Better protection: Improved URL scanning leading to higher detection percentage (touching 100%)
– Maximum features: 360 degree feature set spectrum from protection to backup
– Faster Application Loading: Fast Application loading owing to object property caching
– New Improved GUI
– New virus signatures added
– Minor bugs corrected

eScan Internet Security Suite


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