Ad-Aware 9.6.0

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Advanced virus and spyware protection made easy
Date added: November, 2nd 2011
Author: Lavasoft
File size: / License: 11.48 MB / Non-Commercial Freeware

Ad-Aware gives you comprehensive malware protection. With real-time monitoring, threat alerts, and automatic updates you can rest easy knowing that you are protected. What you might not know, however, is that with edition 10, designers Lavasoft have created the leap from anti-spyware to fully-fledged anti-virus.

How does it do?
On first looks, Ad-Aware , effectively known as Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+, looks good. Set up is quick, but it does require on a check out upon start-up, which can slowly factors down a little. You can miss it if you like, though, and if you do, you will see a sharp, fresh customer interface separated into user-friendly Primary and Innovative protection places.

As you might anticipate, Ad-Aware provides plenty of check out choices, creating factors very versatile for the customer. There are 3 preliminary check out choices, Fast, Complete and Personalized. The Personalized choice is particularly awesome, enabling you to absolutely change the check out with simple checkbox blemishes. You can also routine tests, a must-have choice for a contemporary anti-virus. Scans are not particularly quick, but can be stopped.

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Advanced options
Something that customers of Ad-Aware might discover complicated are the configurations under Innovative Protection. There are 3 editions of Ad-Aware – Free, Pro and Individual Security. In impact, they are the same system spend, but more complex functions become available as you shift through the editions. This will irritate some customers who would choose a exclusive free edition without unnecessary disruptions – although we have to confess that Ad-Aware does not nag about improvements, which is excellent.

Other options
The relax of Ad-Aware’s choices are separated into two places. The ones under Protection Settings (top right side corner) and under Options. Under Protection Settings, you will be able to modify the real-time protection and surfing around choices, although Secure Browsing can only be allowed and impaired, and not customized. Under Ad-Aware’s Primary Options, there are various configurations relevant to basic function, up-dates and an description of Game playing Method (although this can be easily toggled in the primary customer interface and from the process bar).

Recent changes
– Cached Scanning automatically skips the scanning of files that it determined safe in earlier scans, resulting in much faster scans
– Firewall technology automatically white-lists trusted programs, enabling users to upgrade to Ad-Aware without networking issues with programs already installed
– Real-Time Protection increases the reliability of the drivers and includes enhanced 64-bit support
– Web-Browsing Protection engine now updates several times a day


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