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How to turn on Windows 10’s Find My Device feature

How to turn on Windows 10’s Find My Device feature?

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 November update brings with it a handy “find my device” feature, but it’s not just for tablets or phones. Any Windows 10 device can take advantage of the new feature, including desktops and laptops.

Find My Device in Windows 10 doesn’t do a whole lot right now. There isn’t a way to have your tablet make a sound, lock itself, erase data, or anything like that. Instead, you can only find out where its last known general location was.

How to add any website to Windows 10’s Start menu

How to add any website to Windows 10’s Start menu

In Windows 10 you’ve got tons of choices for desktop programs, and apps from the Windows Store can be useful too. But there are still probably a few key webpages you turn to every day instead of a desktop program or modern UI app.

Wouldn’t you love to have those key sites available to you on the Windows 10 Start menu? Here’s how to do that.

How to reclaim 20GB of hard drive space after the Windows 10 November update?

Need some extra space on your PC’s internal drive after installing the November update? Here’s how to make room, but make sure your system is stable before you do.

Microsoft’s November update for Windows 10 has probably rolled out to most of us by now. As I noted last week, the update installs as if it were a fresh version of Windows 10. Not only does that mean the new features were significant additions, it also means there are a whole lot of update files sitting in your internal storage taking up space.

How to enlarge display text in Windows?

A high-resolution screen can result in very tiny text—sometimes too tiny to read easily. Here’s how to fix that.

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Many people asked for “some way of making text within a window or message larger.”

You can easily enlarge the text on your screen by switching to a smaller resolution…but I don’t recommend it. You’ll lose all of the advantages of high-definition (and likely get a soft-focus visual effect), and you won’t be able to put as many windows on your screen.

You’d be better off changing the settings in Windows that control the size of your text and other objects, such as icons and the taskbar. Here are instructions for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

How to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10

The Window 10 November update brings lots of little tweaks to Microsoft’s operating system including the ability to save your apps to external storage.

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Once the domain of a registry hack in Windows 8, the Windows 10 November update finally adds the native ability to save Windows Store apps to external storage as a built-in feature. Anyone who doesn’t want to take up precious internal storage space with Windows Store apps can now keep them on a thumb drive or a larger external hard drive left at home.